Shutdown Notice

With regrets I've to announce the shutdown of Mutual Tracker until further notice. Mainly due to a legal complaint that I've received with regards to the site (apparently there's a law from the Malaysian Security Commissions regarding the listing of fund prices publicly, which I personally don't have the time to peruse the law documents for that).

Personally I have been just leaving the site running on its own for the past few years as I'm pursuing interest in other activities, so I thought it'd be a great time to give it a send-off.

Feel free to email me if there's any questions, help or suggestions pertaining the site, would do the best of my endeavours to answer and address them.

Thanks for all the support to the site and I'm terribly sorry that this had happened :(.

With immense gratitude,
Seh Hui "Felix" Leong

What Are My Alternatives?

For your charting and price tracking needs, I greatly recommend Bloomberg Markets Watch, which they surprisingly have historical data for all Public Mutual funds.

Used the black search bar on your right and type in the keyword "Public Mutual" together with your fund name and you'll be able to look it up.

Do email me if there's any other services that does the job better than Bloomberg and I'd more than glad to include it here :).